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Legendary game designer Mike Pondsmith joins us to talk about his illustrious career in the gaming industry, from Mekton to Cyberpunk to Teenagers from Outer Space and far, far more and how Mike managed to hit every major pop culture trend before it made it big. Mecha, cyberpunk, anime, steampunk, and more, Mike was there creating games just as the trend started.


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Our Guest

Mike Pondsmith

R Talsorian Games



Castle Falkenstein

Teenagers from Outer Space


Dragonball Z



What We’ve Been Playing Lately

Here Kitty Kitty (Darryl)

Pathfinder (Mike)

Dungeons & Dragons 5e (Mike, Ross)

Mekton (Mike)

Amber (Mike)

Firefly (Mike)

Out of the Abyss (Ross)

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (Ross)


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From Collectible Card Games to Deckbuilders to Living Card Games and more. This week, we go over the different types of card games out there, the history of the genre, and how Magic: The Gathering may have save the industry.

Justin Gary

Stone Blade Entertainment

Former Magic: The Gathering World Champion

Ascension Deck Building Game


Labyrinth Collectible Card Game

Versus System

World of Warcraft CCG


What We've Been Playing Lately

South Park: Stick of Truth (Darryl)

Alien: Isolation (Darryl)

Codenames (Justin)

Betrayal at House on the Hill (Justin)

Borderlands 2 (Ross) (it took him 25 minutes to start playing after finished)

XCOM 2 (Ross)

Dungeons & Dragons (Ross)

Savage Worlds (Ross)

Star Wars (West End Games) (Ross)


Card Games

Magic: The Gathering

Yu Gi Oh




Cards Against Humanity

Apples to Apples

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Smash Up

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Planet Money Magic: The Gathering episode

Jyhad aka Vampire: The Eternal Struggle


Star Wars CCG

Star Wars LCG

Tanto Cuore

Geek & Sundry Tabletop Day Tanto Cure

Upper Deck Counterfeiting Scandal



Puerto Rico

San Juan


We Didn’t Playtest This at All

Twelve Days

Bad Beats

Sushi Go

Love Letter



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From Conan to Elric to Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser to Thieves' World, the stories of sword and sorcery fantasy have been seminal in defining fantasy gaming. But what about the games based on those stories? What makes the genre different than other types of fantasy gaming? What kind of stories can you tell in the genre? This week, Richard Baker and John Dunn join us to discuss exactly that.

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Our Guests

Rich Baker

Sasquatch Game Studios

Primeval Thule

Dungeons & Dragons: Princes of the Apocalypse


Atomic Dragon Battleship

John Dunn


Melior Via Games


Warhammer 40K Roleplay

Star Wars: Force and Destiny

What We’ve Been Playing Lately

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Darryl)

Skylanders (John)

XCom Board Game (John)

DC Heroes (John)

Temple of Elemental Evil (Richard)

World of Warcraft (Richard)

Accursed (Ross)

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (Ross)

The Widening Gyre (Ross)

Luche Libre (Ross)

Sword & Sorcery Games




Red Sonja

Solomon Kane

Hypberborean Cycle

Thieves' World

Primeval Thule

Iron Heroes

On Mighty Thews

Dark Sun

Beasts & Barbarians

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

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We revisit the topic of superhero roleplaying games. The overlap between Western comic book fans and tabletop gamers, it's no surprise that superhero games are one of the largest genres of roleplaying games out there. We've talked about the different games in Episode 23, but how do you play and run a superhero game? And what impact have the games had on the industry at large?

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Our Guest

Michael Surbrook

Surbrook's Stuff

Fantasy HERO Complete

Strike Force

Larger than Life


Superhero Games

Strike Force Kickstarter

HERO System


Mutants & Masterminds


Marvel Heroic Roleplay (Note: It does use the Cortex Plus system, though highly modified. So Ross and I were wrong.)

Justice Machine

DC Adventures

Necessary Evil

Wild Talents


Villains & Vigilantes


Monkey House Legal Defense Fund

BAMF Podcast (Ross and Michael recorded with them along with Steve Kenson about Strike Force just before recording this episode. That episode should be up next week.)


Declaration: This episode spends a lot of time talking about Strike Force. Ross Watson (host and producer on Gamer's Tavern) and Michael Surbrook (co-host of our Keep on the Borderlands 2 live stream) are both heavily involved in the new edition of Strike Force being Kickstarted and Gamer's Tavern is involved as a backer reward level. Gamer's Tavern Media has not been compensated and receives no funds from the Strike Force crowdfunding efforts.


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Dating back to the 1930s, Lankhmar may have the oldest pedigree as a gaming setting of all time. Evolving from wargames and eventually becoming a setting for Dungeons & Dragons, Runequest, and Savage Worlds, Lankhmar is the prototype for urban roguish fantasy decades before Waterdeep, Thieves World, or Freeport were a twinkle in their creators' eyes. Get ready for the original sandbox setting that's more relevant today than ever before, Lankhmar: The City of Thieves!

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Audible Want to find out more about Lankhmar? Or keep up with any other books? You can get a free audio book by signing up for a free trail.

Our Guest

TS Luikart 


Cubicle 7

Skull and Bones

Warhammer 40K Old World Bestiary

Dragon Age

Cthulhu Britannica: London

Ruins of the North (One Ring)

What We've Been Playing Lately

Darksiders 2 (Darryl)

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (TS, Ross)

Feng Shui 2 (TS)

Three Cheers for Master (TS)

Shaintar (Ross)

Valkyria Chronicles (Ross)

Grand Theft Auto V (Ross)

Lankhmar: The City of Thieves

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser series by Fritz Leiber

Lankhmar Campaign Setting

Deities and Demigods

Savage Lankhmar

Runequest: Lankhmar

The story with the possibly non-consensual sexual encounter: "The Sadness of the Executioner"

Gentlemen Bastards by Scott Lynch



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Gaming has always taken its cues from other fiction, as Dungeons & Dragons itself comes from classic fantasy fiction. But what makes a game an homage to another work of fiction? What parody games are fun to play outside the joke? Where do you draw the line between influence and homage?

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Our Guest

Robert Morris


The Game Mechanic Tumblr

What We've Been Playing Lately

Double Feature (Darryl, Ross)

Cards Against Humanity (Darryl, Ross)

Mass Effect (Darryl)

Shadowrun: Returns (Darryl)

Shadows Angelus (Robert)

HERO System (Robert)

Pathfinder (Robert)

Kingmaker Adventure Path (Robert)

Shaintar (Ross)

Valkyria Chronicles (Ross)

Homage and Parody Games

Jovian Chronicles


Delta Green


Villains and Vigilantes

Top Secret

Tunnels and Trolls

JadeClaw (Now IronClaw)

Big Eyes Small Mouth

Cute and Fuzzy Seizure Monsters

Cartoon Action Hour


All Flesh Must Be Eaten

Teenagers from Outer Space

Macho Women with Guns

Fung Shui

Hong Kong Action Theater


Lucha Libre Hero

Conspiracy X



Warhammer 40K

Rogue Trader


Witchfire Trilogy


Heavy Gear


Kingdoms of Kalamar

Knights of the Dinner Table

Munchkin (We forgot to bring this up on the show)



Metal Gear Solid

Dragonball Xenoverse

Bunnies and Burrows

Vampire: The Masquerade



Bounty Head Bebop

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Do you want to go the long haul with your gaming session? I'm not talking weeks or months, but years with the same characters in the same world? Michael Surbrook joins us to help you realize that dream with advice on how to plan out long campaigns, how to avoid over-prepping, how to push through the quagmire, and more.

Note: This episode was recorded on December 23, 2014. Yes, over a year ago.

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Our Guest

Michael Surbrook

Surbrook Stuff

Fantasy Hero Complete

Larger Than Life: Folklore Legends of America (Hero System)

Larger Than Life: Folklore Legends of America (Savage Worlds)

(Note: At the time of recording, Larger Than Life was in the Kickstarter stage of publishing. The Kickstarter was successful and it is out now!) 

What We've Been Playing

Five Nights at Freddie's (Darryl)

Pathfinder (Darryl)

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (Ross)

Birthright (Ross)

Grand Theft Auto 5 (Ross)

Star Trek Online (Ross)

Shaintar (Ross)

Savage Worlds (Ross)

Borderlands (Michael)

Ironclaw (Michael)

Fantasy Craft (Michael)

Long Term Campaigns

Shadows Angeles

Gamer's Tavern Superhero Games

Obsidian Portal

Day in the Life: Gaming the Downtime

Shaintar: Justice and Life

Pathfinder Society

Dungeons & Dragons Adventure League

Shadowrun Missions

Runner Hub

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Every gamer knows there are rules not written in any book. How to act at the table, how to treat your dice, what to do when you order food. But what are those rules and how does everyone seem to know them? And what do you do with players who don't know the rules?

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Our Guest

Ivan Van Norman

Outbreak Undead

Hunters Books

Geek & Sundry Twitch

King of the Nerds

What We've Been Playing Lately

Star Trek Attack Wing (Ivan)

Werewolf: The Forsaken (Ivan)

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (Ivan, Ross)

Savage Rifts (Ross)

Shaintar (Ross)

Valkyria Chronicles (Ross)

Strike Force (Ross)

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Ross, Darryl, and Lauren recorded live in front of an audience at Comicpalooza in Houston, TX! They talk about the convention, what they experienced, and did a Q&A helping the audience with their gaming questions.

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Our Guests 

(Apologies for misspellings, call me a dick in the comments when you correct me)

Daniel Reed

Paul Schward

Dwayne Fox

Comicpalooza 2015!


Comicpalooza Gaming

Full list of Comicpalooza gaming guests

Dark Nova

D3 Adventures


Skirmisher Publishing

Dungeons & Dragons 5e


Double Feature

Marvel Legendary

Zombie Dice

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Love Letter

Twilight Imperium


Star Fluxx

Craig Michael Scott

Epilogue Webseries

Little Orc Wars

Cracked Monacle


Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Star Trek Attack Wing


Geek Girl Illuminati

8th Dimension Games


GT Selfie

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Torg is a game long ahead of its time. We have designer Ed Stark to talk about this lost gem of a roleplaying game in a frank discussion of both the ways it innovated the gaming hobby and where it went wrong in some pretty spectacular ways.

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Ed Stark

Dungeons & Dragons 3.x


Elder Scrolls Online

What We've Been Playing Lately

Cards Against Humanity (Ed)

Acquire (Ed)

Circus Maximus (Ed)

Dungeons & Dragons 5e (Ed, Ross)

Pathfinder (Darryl)

Sentinels of the Multiverse (Ross)

Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery (Ross)

Birthright (Ross)

Star Trek Online (Ross)


Torg Revised Edition

Torg Introductory Pack

West End Games


Star Wars (D6 game)


Jennifer Government

Ross's Blog on Torg

The Cosms

The Nile Empire


The Cyberpapacy

Nippon Tech


The Living Land

The Land Below


Space Gods

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Ravenloft is the one of the most popular campaign settings created for Dungeons & Dragons. Tonight, we talk about the history and the fun that comes with roleplaying in the Demiplane of Dread!

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Special! Meet the hosts of Gamer's Tavern and both our guests on tonight's show at Comicpalooza in Houston, TX THIS WEEKEND!

Our Guests



Stan!'s 10,000th tweet

West End Games

Star Wars (D6)


Dragonlance 5th Age

Pokemon JR Adventure Game (Best selling RPG of all time)

Japan's International Gamer's Guild

William Thrasher


Heroes of the Wild

Skirmisher Games

Kettle of Fish Productions

What We've Been Playing Lately

Wings of War (Stan!)

Call of Cthlhu (Stan!)

Shadowrun Returns (Darryl)

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Darryl)

Star Trek Online (Darryl)

Dungeons & Dragons 5e (Darryl, Ross)

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set (Darryl)

Double Feature (Darryl)

Munchkin (Darryl)

Boss Monster (Darryl)

Fluxx (Darryl)

Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing (Will)

Arkham Horror (Will)

Little Orc Wars (Will)

Cthulhu Live (Will)

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (Ross)

Savage Worlds (Ross)

Shaintar (Ross)

Birthright (Ross)

Savage Rifts (Ross)

Savage Worlds Lankhmar (Ross)

Warhammer 40K Regicide (Ross)


I6: Ravenloft

I10: Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill

Ravenloft Campaign Setting (2nd Edition)

Ravenloft Campaign Setting (3rd Edition by White Wolf)

Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond


Monstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix

Monstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix II: Children of the Night


Monstroux Compendium Ravenloft Appendix III

d-Infinity Live Series 4 Episode 19: Let's Play Humans

Death of a Darklord Laurel K Hamilton

I, Strahd by P. N. Elrod

Scholar of Decay by Tanya Huff

Black Crusade by Ari Marmell

Van Richten's Guide series

Masque of the Red Death

Direct download: GamersTavernEp050.mp3
Category:Gamer's Tavern -- posted at: 7:27pm EDT

Magic has burned the world, and you're left trying to survive this world of dangerous monsters, psionic powers, and Sorcerer Kings. Dark Sun is one of the first non-traditional fantasy campaign settings published by TSR in 1991 for Dungeons & Dragons. One of the original creators, Timothy Brian Brown, joins us to talk about this iconic world.

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Our Guests

Timothy Brown


2300 AD

Space 1889

Dark Sun

Mage Knight

Fast Forward Entertainment

Petrogylph Games

Savage Worlds: Last Parsec

Dragon Kings

Brandon Gensemer

Gamer's Tavern Game Table: Shadowrun

Malifaux: Through the Breach In Defense of Innocence

Reddit's RunnerHub


 What We've Been Playing Lately

Pathfinder (Darryl)

Shadowrun (Brandon)

Dragon Age: Inquisition (Brandon)

FATE (Brandon)

Warhammer 40k (Tim)

Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery (Ross)

Warhammer 40k Regicide (Ross)

Batman: Arkham Origins (Ross)



Dark Sun

Original Dark Sun Campaign Setting

Dark Sun 4th Edition

Psionics Handbook

Mind Lords of the Last Sea

Marauders of the Dune Sea

Digital Wanderer Dark Sun Map

Monstrous Compendium Dark Sun Appendix: Terrors of the Desert

DSR4 Valley of Dust and Fire

The Burnt World of Athas (

Dragon Kings (Spiritual Successor)

Dragon Kings Official Page

Direct download: GamersTavernEp049.mp3
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Codename: Van Buren. This cancelled video game was what Fallout 3 would have been. But did you know that the design team made a pen and paper RPG to test? Chris Avellone takes over the Gamer’s Tavern thanks to our generous Kickstarter backers in order to tell us all about the history of the development of the Fallout 3 that never happened and the unpublished pen and paper RPG they used in development. Listen to this episode and you have a chance to WIN the original pen and paper Van Buren RPG files from Chris Avellone!

Chris wanted us to add the following to the show notes:

Fun fact from Van Buren: Elijah (the villain in Fallout: New Vegas: Dead Money) was supposed to be one of the companions in the first iteration of Fallout: Van Buren (along with Sulik's sister, who ironically enough, was a slaver). Elijah was a genius-level BoS member who deserted the organization, which was becoming increasing xenophobic due to faction politics, rigid adherence to tech over community, and continual, dangerous use of Stealth Boy tech despite numerous warning signs. Like the Nightkin, the Stealth Boy was beginning to fray some BoS personalities, causing paranoia and psychosis. Overall, Elijah felt the BoS had been poisoned by wrapping itself within a tech shell. (Veronica did not exist.) 

Elijah was also a bit more physically fit than his Dead Money counterpart and was skilled in not just high-tech weapons, but also had trained himself extensively in bows, spears, and more "old school" weapons that many BoS members disdained as being "tribal."

Before Elijah deserted, however, he sabotaged the BoS Power Armor so they could do no more aggression/harm to other communities in the wastes, including NCR (and he sabotaged their armor as a lesson - who are you without these shells that distance you from the world). After this, he went to live with the Cipher tribals. One of the arcs of the game is to convince him to resurrect the Power Armor so the BoS isn't wiped out (or activate it for a new group of BoS, including the player), or follow the Ciphers, who understand tech better than the BoS due (they worship schematics of the old world).

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Our Hosts

Chris Avellone

Fallout 2

Fallout: New Vegas

Planescape: Torment

Icewind Dale

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

Pillars of Eternity

Torment: Tides of Numenera

Ross Watson


RIFTS Savage Worlds

Rogue Trader

Darksiders 2

Darryl Mott Jr.

Ain’t It Cool News Tabletop

Gamer’s Tavern Twitch



Van Buren Tabletop RPG


Fallout 2

“Van Buren”

Fallout 3

Fallout: New Vegas

Nuka Break

Wayside Creations

Legend of Grimrock

Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money DLC

Exodus (RPG that came from the original Fallout RPG)

Sand and Stone (Accursed sourcebook)

The Prisoner's Dilemma

Nexus Mods

Fallout RPG Wiki

PAX East Torment: Tides of Numenera Footage

Direct download: GamersTavernEp048.mp3
Category:Gamer's Tavern -- posted at: 2:12am EDT

What role does humor play in gaming? How much is too much? How do you add humor to your games? We have some legends in gaming comedy, Scott Kurtz and John Kovalic, here to tell you all you need to know about humor and gaming.

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Our Guests

Scott Kurtz

Mines of Madness Page 1


Table Titans

Acquisitions Inc.

Mines of Madness

John Kovalic


Dork Tower


Apples to Apples

Kobolds Ate My Baby


Double Feature

What We’ve Been Playing Lately

Pathfinder (Darryl)

Dungeons & Dragons 5e (Darryl, Scott, Ross)

Lords of Waterdeep (Scott)

Ticket to Ride (Scott)

Fortune and Glory (Ross)

Savage Worlds (Ross)

Gaming Humor

Gamma World

Central Casting


Chez Geek

Ross’s Panel on Worldbuilding After This Episode at ChupacabraCon

Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Kobolds Ate My Baby


Knights of the Dinner Table

Karthun: Lands of Conflict

Teenagers from Outer Space


Low Life

Maid: The Roleplaying Game

Cheapass Games


Tales from the Floating Vagabond

Call of Cthulhu

Table Titans

Order of the Stick

D20 Monkey

Full Frontal Nerdity




Trail of Cthulhu

Dark Dungeons

The Gamers

Standard Action

Board with Life

Patton Oswalt

Chris Hardwick

Critical Failures

Direct download: GamersTavernEp047.mp3
Category:Gamer's Tavern -- posted at: 11:44pm EDT

Author Elizabeth Moon joins Ross, Darryl, and Gamer's Tavern Social Media Coordinator Lauren Reber to talk about the siminal fantasy novel series about paladins, The Deed of Paksennarion!

Bandwidth Sponsor: Savage Worlds – Fast! Furious! Fun!


Audible - Listen to the amazing works of Elizabeth Moon and get your first book free!

Easy Roller Dice - Cheapest dice on the internet! Use the promo code GAMER for 10% off your order!

AC Lens - All your vision care needs in one place - glasses, contacts, special effects lenses, and more!

Our Guests

Elizabeth Moon

Elizabeth's Website


Deed of Paksenarrion

Elizabeth Moon's Amazon Author Page

What We’ve Been Playing Lately

Munchkin Panic (Darryl, Lauren)

Cards Against Humanity (Darryl, Lauren)

Star Fluxx (Darryl, Lauren)

Pandemic (Darryl, Lauren)

Magic: The Gathering (Darryl, Lauren)

Sentinels of the Multiverse (Ross)

Icons: Assembled Edition (Ross)

The Deed of Paksennarion

Society for Creative Anachronism

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Lawful Stupid (Warning: TVTropes Link)

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Treason in Roman and Germanic Law

Moon Flights (contains the short story Judgement)

Shane the Shy

Temple of Elemental Evil

TV Tropes Page

Sib is based on a South American drink called Mate


Wheel of Time Pilot and Lawsuit

Direct download: GamersTavernEp046.mp3
Category:Gamer's Tavern -- posted at: 11:41pm EDT

Dozens of films, TV shows, and webseries are out there about gaming. Tonight, we give you a crash course not only in the genre of gaming films, but how to make your own!

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Craft Beer Club - Amazing craft beer delivered directly to your door
Accursed - The dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds

Our Guests

Jen Page

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising


Jen Page’s Facebook

JR Ralls

Dark Dungeons

Chick Tracts

Stu Pauls

The Lord of Catan

Hamster Valhalla

What We’ve Been Playing

Gladius (Jen)

Numenera (Jen)

Call of Cthulhu (Jen)

Star Trek Catan (Stu)

Pixel Junk Monsters (Stu)

Fire Emblem (Stu)

Destiny (Stu)

Takenoko (Stu)

Pandemic (Stu, JR)

Tokaido (Stu)

Settlers of Catan (Stu)

Larceny (Stu)

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (Darryl)

Star Trek Online (Ross)

Dungeons & Dragons 5e (Ross)

Birthright (Ross)

Sentinels of the Multiverse (Ross)

Robot Turtles (JR)

Axis and Allies (JR)

Gaming Films

The Gamers

Red vs Blue

Canon Vixia G20 camera (one of the best video cameras out there for the money)

Zombie Orpheus

Dead Gentlemen Entertaiment

Potato Salad Kickstarter (Because we dated ourselves)

The Mask of Death

Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire

Community: "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons"

Community: "Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons"


The IT Crowd

Big Bang Theory

ET: The Extra Terrestrial

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Knights of Badassdom

Gamer’s Tavern Ello page

Kindred: The Embraced

Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon

Humans & Households

Standard Action

Zero Charisma


John Rogers’s Blog

Leverage RPG


Dark Dungeons

The Dungeon Masters


Order of the Stick



Starlit Citadel

Dice Tower


The Devil Walks in Salem

Fear of Girls

Screen Actor’s Guild

All I Need to Know About Filmmaking I Learned from The Toxic Avenger

How to Make a Feature Film for Under $25k

Save the Cat (Seriously, this is a set of GUIDELINES not STRICT RULES!!)

Rebel Without a Crew

Elements of Screenwriting

Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting

Art of Dramatic Writing

Creative Commons

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere


Direct download: GamersTavernEp045.mp3
Category:Gamer's Tavern -- posted at: 8:04pm EDT

Ross, Lauren, and Darryl were invited to the amazing ChupacabraCon in Austin, TX. During the recording, game designer Michael Sattron and convention chair Sheena Colbath joined us to talk about this great, intimate convention in the heartland of Texas.

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Our Guests

Michael Satran

Michael's Blog

Michael on Amazon

Blackwyrm Publishing

Sheena Colbath


D3 Adventures

ChupacabraCon 2015 Program

Aaron Allston

Gamer’s Tavern Episode 43: Conventions

Savage Saturday Night

Steve Jackson Men in Black

Emerald Tavern Games & Cafe

Dragon’s Lair

Pair ‘O Dice

GrumpyCelt 's YouTube Channel

Fanboy TV

Games We Played


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Lasers and Feelings

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ChupacabraCon Special Episode

Legendary artist Jeff Dee and Talzhemir Mrr join us to talk about their work reviving the original Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting Tekumel through thier setting Bethrom, Jeff's legacy as a game artist, their work on Unisystem, their games Quicksilver and Cavemaster, and so much more!

Bandwidth Sponsor: Savage Worlds - Fast! Furious! Fun!

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AC Lens: Get the glasses or contacts you want at the lowest price, no risk guarantee!

Evil Beagle Games: Producers of the Savage Worlds setting Shaintar. Bad dog, good games!

Our Guests

Jeff Dee

Talzhemir Mrr

Jeff Dee’s DeviantArt

Talzhemir Mrr’s DeviantArt






Tekumel Minis

Gamer's Tavern Game Table: Dungeons & Dragons

Villains & Vigilantes


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The year is 2050. Or 2053 or 2060 or 2070 or 2075 depending on the edition. This is the Sixth World, where megacorporations dominate a world where magic has returned and technology has advanced beyond our wildest imagination. This episode, we talk about the campaign setting of Shadowrun with a special musical appearance from Opti from the Neo-Anarchist Podcast.

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Audible - Over 150,000 audio books from every genre, get a book FREE with our special offer!

Drive Thru RPG - Your number one source for games online

Evil Beagle Games - The publishers of Shaintar, the epic fantasy setting for Savage Worlds. Check out their newest book, Malakar Dominion! Bad dog, good games!

Our Guests

Rusty Zimmerman

Shadowrun Novella: Neat

Elven Blood

Way of the Adept

Satellite Reign

Steve “Bull” Ratkovich

Catalyst Game Labs

Shadowrun Missions

Shadowrun Missions Facebook


What We’ve Been Playing

Dungeons & Dragons (Darryl, Ross)

Tsuro (Darryl)

Shadows of Brimstone (Darryl, Bull)

Shadowrun (Bull)

Eclipse Phase (Rusty)

Smash Up (Rusty)

Vampire: The Masquerade (Rusty)

Shadowrun Crossfire (Bull)

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & Shadows (Bull)

Star Trek Online (Ross, Bull)

Birthright (Ross) (link goes to our episode on Birthright)

Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director’s Cut (Ross)

Champions (Ross)

The Sixth World

Steven Tinner

Nigel Findley

Universal Brotherhood

Bug City

Renraku Arcology Shutdown


GE Commercial - The Kid Who Beeps

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn’s Secrets

Ancient History’s Annotated Will

Super Tuesday

Tir Tairngire

Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall

Germany Sourcebook

Shadows of Europe

Year of the Comet



One Book to Learn about Shadowrun

Shadowrun 1st Edition Rulebook (Rusty)

Into the Shadows (Bull)

Seattle Sourcebook (Bull)

Shadowbeat (Bull)

Sixth World Almanac (Darryl)

2XS (Darryl)

Street Samurai Catalog (Ross)

For further listening on Shadowrun

The Arcology Podcast

Neo-Anarchist Podcast

Critical Glitch

Hidden Grid

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Want to see how conventions work? Maybe you want to start your on con? We have the best gaming conventions in the country, both big and small, to answer your questions about starting a convention!

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Accursed: A dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds where you play the monsters

Audible: The internet's largest source for audio books, get a free trial now!

Evil Beagle Games: Bad Dog, Good Game

Our Guests

Sheena Colbath


iVerse Media

Joe Charles


Comicpalooza Games


Ed Doolittle

Note: Due to an audio issue, we lost the first part of Ed’s Gaming Character Sheet. You can find out more about what Ed does at:

Denver Gaming Association (hosts of TactiCon and GhengisCon)

RoleplayDNA Podcast

What We’ve Been Playing

Dungeons & Dragons (Darryl, Ross)

Munchkin Panic (Darryl)

Shadows of Brimstone (Darryl)

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (Joe, Sheena)

Dungeons & Dragons Online (Joe)

Star Wars Commander (Joe)

Dungeon Crawl Classics (Ed)

Conspiracy X (Sheena)

Diablo 3 (Sheena)

Heartstone (Sheena)

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag (Ross)

Star Trek Online (Ross)

Savage Worlds (Ross)

Widening Gyre (Ross)

Cyberpunk 2020 (Ross, Ed)

Gaming Conventions

Gamer’s Tavern: Convention Survival Guide Part 1

Gamer’s Tavern: Convention Survival Guide Part 2

Gamer’s Tavern: Comicpalooza

Gamer’s Tavern: Gen Con

Rocky Mountain Savages

Warhorn Gaming Registration

The Ballpit Convention

Find a Convention Near You

Game Convention Central

Pathfinder Society Events (Note: This includes in-store games as well as conventions)

D&D Adventure League (Note: They currently only list in-store play, but will soon add convention support.)

Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Events

Warhammer 40K Tournament Listings

Catalyst Demo Team (Shadowrun and BattleTech)

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You wanted to know what we thought, well here it is. Our opinion of the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons. What's to love, what's to hate, and what's to compare endlessly to Pathfinder; we cover it all!

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ChupacabraCon - Join the Gamer's Tavern at the greatest gaming convention in Austin!

Evil Beagle Games - Bad dog, good games.

Drive Thru RPG - The largest source of games online.

Accursed RPG - The game where you play the monsters fighting evil.

Our Guests

Sean Patrick Fannon


Evil Beagle Games

Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer’s Bible


What We’ve Been Playing

D&D (Darryl, Ross, and Sean) See below for links

Star Trek Online (Ross)

Borderlands 2 (Ross and Sean)

Dungeons & Dragons

D&D Basic

Starter Set

Player's Handbook

Monster Manual

Dungeonmaster's Guide

Adventure Leauge

Codename: Morningstar

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Most gamers get their start in a dungeon crawl. Many of the classic modules from the system are dungeon crawls. Why do these style adventures stick with us so much? What makes them so much fun? How can we keep them relevant in the 21st century? Join us to find out everything you need to know about dungeon crawls.

Our Sponsors

Drive Thru RPG: The internet's largest source for games
Evil Beagle Games: Bad Dog, Good Games
One Degree with Nick: Nick Jaworski interviews the world, one degree of separation at a time

Our Guests

Owen K.C. Stephens


Green Ronin

Rogue Genius Games

Plunder and Peril

Advanced Bestiary


Bryant Smith

Gamer’s Tavern Evil Parties


What We’ve Been Playing Lately

Dungeons & Dragons (Darryl, Ross)

Shaintar (Ross)

Sentinels of the Multiverse (Ross)

Pathfinder (Owen)

Temple of Elemental Evil (Owen)

Cassino (Owen) (Italian Fishing Game)

AFK Tavern


Dungeon Crawls


Keep on the Borderlands

World’s Largest Dungeon

Dragon’s Delve

Emerald Spire


Interview with Gary Gygax from Dungeon 112


Warhammer Quest

Descent: Journey in the Dark

Castle Ravenloft

Wratch of Ashardalon

Legend of Drizzt

Throne of Bloodstone

Grimtooth's Traps

In Search of the Unknown



Tomb of Horrors

Return to the Tomb of Horrors

Draconomicon “Millennium Dragon”

Dragon Magazine 131 “The Chasm Bridge”

Dungeon Magazine 17 “Out of the Ashes”


Renraku Arcology Shutdown

Dwarven Forge


D&D Miniatures

Paizo Battles

Gale Force 9

True Dungeon

Expedition to Barrier Peaks


Our Favorites:

“Millennium Dragon” from Draconomicon (Bryant)

I6 Ravenloft (Owen)

The Temple of Elemental Evil (Darryl)

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Diet? Exercise? On my gaming podcast? It's more likely than you think. And not nearly as bad as you fear. This episode, we talk about the small lifestyle changes you can make to feel better and game longer!

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Gamer’s Tavern Kickstarter - Help the Gamer's Tavern Podcast Network grow!

Audible - Get your first book free with our special free trial!

Evil Beagle Games - Publishers of Shaintar, the epic setting for Savage Worlds. Bad dog, good games!

Our Guests

Jake Burgess

Flashover Arts

Hero System

Luc McArthur

Luc’s Flikr Account

Luc’s Facebook Albums

What We’ve Been Playing Lately


Hero System (Jake)

Dungeons & Dragons (Darryl)

Dystopian Wars (Luke)

X-Wing Miniatures (Luke)

Sentinels of the Multiverse (Luke, Ross)

Warhammer 40K (Luke, Jake, Ross)



Gamer Health


How to Read Nutritional Labels

Darryl's Blog: The Dreaded Diet

My Fitness Pal app

Zombies! Run! App

Couch to 5K app

Dresden Files RPG

Manitou Incline Hiking Trail


Texas Renaissance Festival (I picked this one because I grew up going to it every year)

NERO Live Action Roleplay



Society for Creative Anachronism

Episode 37: Live Action Roleplay

My Fitness Pal Forums

Episode 27: Birthright

Darryl’s Cooking Blog

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The Gamer's Tavern is celebrating its first anniversary! We're bringing back one of our most popular topics, Gaming Horror Stories! Those funny (even if in hindsight) stories of gaming gone wrong. We also have a major announcement at the end of the episode, so stick around!

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Evil Beagle Games: The publishers of the epic fantasy campaign setting for Shaintar! Bad dog, good games!

Drive Thru RPG: The largest source online for digital copies of your favorite games.

One Degree with Nick: Nick Jaworski interviews the world, one degree of separation at a time.

Our Guests

Sheena Colbath


Hotels for ChupababraCon

D3 Adventures


Sean Patrick Fannon


Evil Beagle Games

Sean’s Pick of the Day

Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer’s Bible

Kickstarter for Last Parsec





Anniversary Special


Episode Shout-Outs

Edition Wars Part 1

Edition Wars Part 2





Horror Story Games

Savage Worlds

Dungeons & Dragons

Dark Heresey



Black Crusade

Fantasy HERO

Firefly RPG


Knights of the Dinner Table


Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars: Force and Destiny

Call of Cthulhu

Where the Deep Ones Are

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We spent the weekend at Gen Con, the largest gaming convention in the world! Here's what we saw, did, played, and more!

Please note there's no intro or outro on this episode as Darryl has come down with the most delayed case of con crud ever and can barely see straight.

Our Sponsors

Drive Thru RPG - The internet's largest selection of digital games

Accursed - The dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds where you play the monsters fighting the witches who cursed you

Our Guests

Michael Surbrook

HERO Games

Kazai 5

Larger Than Life: Adventures in American Folklore

 Mr. Johnson and Vox

The Arcology Podcast

Arcology Podcast’s Twitter

Arcology Podcast’s Facebook


By the way, let’s get this out of the way now since it’s going to come up repeatedly: Our first Shadowrun episode.

GEN CON 2014

What We Played

Shadowrun (Vox, Mr. Johnson)

Earthdawn 4th Edition (Mr. Johnson)

Tales of the Floating Vagabond (Michael)

Terracide (Michael)

Shadows Angelus (Michael, Ross)

Red Dragon Inn (Michael)

Hackmaster (Darryl)

The Great Dalmuti (Darryl)

Accursed (Ross)

Gravstrike (Ross)


The Convention



Outbreak: Deep Space

Shane Hensley


Robotech RPG Tactics

Gamer's Tavern Episode 30: Convention Survival Guide

First Exposure

Direct download: GamersTavernGenCon14.mp3
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Gaming luminaries Chris Pramas and Sean Patrick Fannon join us to talk about those shared experiences all gamers have. From the first time you played, your first set of dice, your first time behind the DM screen, and the first time you lose a character. Remember running into That Guy? Or that first time you realized you were speaking a foreign language? We're talking about all those old memories and those milestones that new gamers have to look forward to.

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Drive Thru RPG: The largest selection of digital games on the internet.

Audible: We're getting you a special deal to get one FREE audio book when you sign up for a trial!

Accursed: The Dark Fantasy campaign setting for Savage Worlds where you play the monsters.


Our Guests

Chris Pramas

Follow Chris on Twitter

Green Ronin

Dragon Age

Love 2 Hate (Funded, but the Kickstarter has ended)

A Song of Ice and Fire

Dragon Age Tabletop Episode

Sean Patrick Fannon

Evil Beagle Games


Savage Worlds

Sean’s Pick of the Day

What We’ve been Playing Lately

Dungeons & Dragons (Darryl, Ross, Sean, Chris)

The Emerald Spire Superdungeon (Darryl)

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (Darryl)

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Chris)

Pathfinder (Chris)

Savage Worlds (Sean)

Shaintar (Sean)

Birthright (Ross, Sean)

Sentinels of the Multiverse (Ross, Sean)

Gaming Rites of Passage

"The Price of Failure" by Ross Watson

Shadows Angelus campaign blog

Dragon Magazine

Gygax Magazine

Shadis Magazine


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Very important but very overlooked, art has been a part of gaming since the start of the hobby. But what goes into making the art for game books? How can art change a game without altering a word? And why does Rob Liefeld come up when we're talking about artists?

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Drive Thru RPG - The largest source for digital games on the internet

Accursed - The Dark Fantasy setting for Savage Worlds from Melior Via

Our Guests

Jeff Preston

Jeff's Website and Portfolio

Jeff on Twitter

Jake Burgess

Jake's Website and Portfolio

Jake on Twitter

What We've Been Playing Lately

Deathwatch (Jeff)

Dragon Age (Jeff)

Hero System (Jake)

Necessary Evil (Jake)

Camp Myth (Jake)

Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Darryl)

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set (Darryl)

Champions Complete (Ross)

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition (Ross)

Mutants & Masterminds (Ross)

Gaming Art

White Wolf


Dave Deitrich BattleTech

Renegade Legion

Seattle Sourcebook


Clients from Hell

Tim’s Vermeer documentary

Poser Pro

Rift’s Black Market

Deviant Art for Accursed artist Alberto Bontempi

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way

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Have an amazing idea that's too niche or too original to make it through the gatekeepers at the publishers? Whether it's a game, a novel, or something else: Publish it yourself! Learn how to do just that, the strengths and challenges of self-publishing, and how to get your product to the public.


Audible - The largest source of audio books on the internet. Get your free trial now!

Accursed - The dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds where you play the monsters battling evil witches.

One Degree with Nick - Nick Jaworski interviews the world, one degree of separation at a time.

Our Guest

Jennifer Rehnay

Jennifer’s Website

The Last Seraph

Line by Line Beta Reader

What We’ve Been Playing Lately

Wildstar (Jennifer)

League of Legends (Jennifer)

Champions Complete (Ross)

Mutants & Masterminds (Ross)

Star Trek Online (Ross)

Independent Publishing

Green Ronin Staff Page

Evil Hat Staff Page

Mantic Games

Super Meatboy


Amazon Createspace

Studio 2 (Ross’s printer)

Drive Thru RPG

Calibre (eBook organization and creation)

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe InDesign

Adam Jury InDesign tutorials

Microsoft Word

My Identifiers

We didn't talk about this on the show, but The Game Crafters is print on demand for board and card games

Poser Pro

Daz 3D

Google Adwords




Nordling’s review of Transformers 4

My Little Pony CCG

Circle Drawing Competitions

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Chainmail bikinis, cosplayer harassment, lack of female protagonists, and more. Gaming culture has many issues regarding sexism and in Part One of our episode on Sexism, Feminism, and Gaming; we identify the problem areas that make women feel excluded, marginalized, uncomfortable, or even fearful.

Affiliate Sponsors

Drive Thru RPG: Your source for digital copies of your favorite games

One Degree with Nick: Nick Jaworski interviews the world, one degree at a time

Our Guests

Carinn Seabolt

Evil Beagle Games

Jennifer Baughman

World’s Largest Dungeon

Seventh Seas

Jazmine and Andrea

D20 Girls Website (under construction)

D20 Girls Facebook Page

Texas D20 Girls Facebook Page

Louisiana D20 Girls Facebook Page


What We’ve Been Playing Lately

Torg (Ross, Jennifer) 

Savage Worlds (Ross, Jennifer, Carinn) 

FATE (Jennifer, Carinn) 

Atomic Robo (Jennifer) 

13th Age (Jennifer)

Night’s Black Agents (Jennifer) 

Conspiracy X (Jennifer) 

Shaintar (Carinn) 

Justice and Life (Carinn) 

Cards Against Humanity (Darryl)

Gears of Wars Board Game (Jazmine)

Watchdogs (Andrea) 

Grand Theft Auto V (Andrea) 

Champions Complete (Ross) 

Red Dragon Inn (Ross) 

Starlit Citadel Red Dragon Inn Playthrough

Sexism and Gaming

Ubisoft Says Women Are Too Hard for Assassins Creed

Nintendo and Gay Relationships

Exalted Camel Toe (Savant and Sorcerers)

Realistic Female Armor

GenCon Offensive Booth (Trigger Warnings)

On Mighty Thews post on artwork


Early Star Trek Online advertisement

Sex Doesn't Sell

Carl's Jr Mystique Ad



Dork Tower Fake Geek Girl comics





Cracked on the Men’s Rights Movement

Posthuman Studios Fires MRAs


Dickwolves Comic (Trigger Warning) 

Timeline of the Incident 

Mike’s New Year’s Resolution 


MRA Shooting

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Gamer's Tavern turns to the Dark Side! Want to play evil but are worried about the players turning into murderbunnies? Or dissolving into PvP chaos? We talk about how to use evil player characters and even entire evil parties and still tell great stories and have fun.

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Accursed - The dark fantasy campaign setting for Savage Worlds where you play the monsters.

One Degree of Separations - The podcast from Nick Jaworski where he interviews the world, one degree of separation at a time.

Drive Thru RPG - The Number One source for role playing games online.

Jason Yarnell

D3 Adventures

Facebook Page

On Target Training

Bryant Smith

Marine Corps 1st Tank Battalion

Episode 5: Horror Role Playing Games

What We’ve Been Playing

Dark Nova (Darryl and Ross)

Sink the Titanic (Darryl)

Pathfinder (Jason)

Hero System (Jason)

D&D 5th Edition (Jason)

World of Tanks (Bryant)

Final Fantasy VII (Bryant)

Arduin Grimoire (Ross)

Champions (Ross)


Evil Player Characters

Pillage and Burn/For the Evulz - "Remember men, pillage before you burn!"

Lawful Evil - "Look, we both said a lot of things you're going to regret. But I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster."

Amoral/Mercenary - "I ain't in this for your revolution and I'm not in it for you, Princess. I expect to get paid."

Vigilante/Grey Moral - "I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with me!!"


Man on Fire

Game of Thrones



Knights of the Dinner Table

Gamer’s Tavern Episode 21: Graphic Content

Enemy at the Gates

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Gamer’s Tavern Game Table

Looking for Group

Order of the Stick

Gamer’s Tavern Episode 28: Alignment

Gamer’s Tavern Episode 33: Character Death

Gamer’s Tavern Episode 27: Birthright

Dungeons & Dragons movie

Games Mentioned


Dark Champions

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition


Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition


Cyberpunk 2020

Thieves World


Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Dark Hersey

Rogue Trader

Warhammer Fantasy

World of Darkness

Firefly Roleplaying Game


Necessary Evil

Gamer’s Tavern is licensed under a CC BY NC ND 4.0 license. Music for Accursed is “Artemis” by Aesma Daeva, licensed under CC BY 2.5. Music for One Degree with Nick is copyright Nick Jarowski, all rights reserved, used with permission. Music for Drive Thru RPG is copyright Save or Die, all rights reserved, used with permission.

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Sometimes you make the saving throw, sometimes you don't. Why is the risk of death important in a game? How should you use death in your games? How do you cope when your favorite character dies? Can a game be fun if your character can't die? Nathan Dowdell and Lee Langston join us to talk about handling character death in games.

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Audible - The premier source for audio books online! Get a free trial now and support the show!

One Degree of Separation - Interviewing the world, one degree at a time.

Accursed - The dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds where you play the monsters.

Our Guests

Nathan Dowdell

Warhammer 40K Roleplay

Mutant Chronicles

Lee Langston

Part Time Gods




Ross Watson

GoFundMe Campaign

Warhammer 40K: Shield of Humanity (Ross’s last 40K RPG product for now)

Warhammer 40K Regicide

What We’ve Been Playing

Marvel Heroic Roleplay (Nathan)

FATE (Nathan)

Mutant Chronicles (Nathan)

Arduin (Ross)

Character Death

Temporary Death: The character’s only MOSTLY dead. Due to resurrection spells, coming back as a ghost/vampire/etc., or otherwise keeping the character but in a different form.

Concept Death: The character isn’t killed, but is some way fundamentally changed from its original concept so far it’s no longer the same.

Final Death: The character is D-E-D dead. Throw the character in the shredder and burn the ashes, it’s done.

Order of the Stick

Angry DM Immortal Campaign

World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl

The Gamers

Games Mentioned:


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Dungeons & Dragons




Savage Worlds

Planescape Torment

Dungeon Crawl Classics



World of Darkness

Temple of Elemental Evil

Eclipse Phase



Save Game (FATE Setting)

Dungeon World

Demon's Souls

Advanced Fighting Fantasy


Direct download: GamersTavernEp033.mp3
Category:Gamer's Tavern -- posted at: 11:10am EDT

Convention Season is upon us! Want to play games at a convention but don't know what to expect? Or are you running a game and want it to be more awesome? Bill Keyes and Robert Dorf visit the Gamer's Tavern to discuss the finer points of gaming at conventions.

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DriveThruRPG: Lighten your load at conventions by switching to PDFs!

One Degree of Separation: The interview podcast from Gamer's Tavern editor Nick Jarowski

Accursed: The Dark Fantasy Savage Worlds campaign where you play the monsters

Our Guests

Bill Keyes

Hero Games

Black Wyrm Games

Kazei 5

Widening Gyre

Robert Dorf

Champions Complete

Anna’s NPCs

Anduniel Companion

Kazei 5

What We've Been Playing Lately

#RPGnet (Darryl)

Over the Edge (Darryl)

Skyrim (Robert)

Fantasy Hero (Bill)

Champions (Bill and Ross)

Rogue Trader (Bill)

Arduin Grimoire (Ross)

Shadowrun 4th Edition (Ross)

Star Trek Online (Ross)

Surviving Convention Games

Gamer’s Tavern Episode 4: Gaming Horror Stories

Savage Worlds

Iron Age

D&D Encounters

Pathfinder Society

Shadowrun Missions

Shaintar Justice and Life

Never Unprepared: The Complete Gamemaster's Guide to Session Prep

The Lazy Dungeonmaster

Gamer’s Tavern Episode 21: Graphic Content

GhengisCon and TactiCon

Music for DriveThruRPG ad is "Tavern Brawl (Demo)" by Save or Die, copyright 2013, used with permission. Music for One Degree of Separation ad is by Nick Jarowski, all rights reserved, used with permission.

Direct download: GamersTavernEp032.mp3
Category:Gamer's Tavern -- posted at: 2:33pm EDT

Guest William Thrasher from Skirmisher Publishing and the d-Infinity magazine and podcast join us we recap our experiences at Comicpalooza! The games, the food, the parties, and more!

Note: The first hour of this recording was lost due to a technical malfunction.Most of what was discussed got recapped after Will showed up, however.

d-Infinity Live! Comicpalooza Special (with guests Darryl and Ross from Gamer's Tavern)

Direct download: GamersTavernComicpalooza14.mp3
Category:Gamer's Tavern -- posted at: 11:31am EDT

The first annual State of the Industry episode with guests Shane Hensley and Brandon Gensemer. This episode, we talk about where the industry is, where it's going, and where we think it should go. This episode recorded before the big announcements from Wizards of the Coast, but our points still stand.

Affiliate Sponsors

Drive Thru RPG Your source for digital gaming at a moment's notice

Spirit Store Year round costumes, props, and decor no matter your budget

One Degree of Separation with Nick Jaworski, the new podcast from the Gamer’s Tavern editor where he interviews one person a step away from him at a time.

In other news, Sean Patrick Fannon also has a new website, Sean's Pick of the Day, powered by Gamer's Tavern! Go check it out for daily gaming goodness!

Also, don't forget our host Ross Watson and former/future guests Sean Patrick Fannon and Carinn Seabolt have a GoFundMe up right now to help them move to Colorado!

Shane Hensley


Savage Worlds

X-Box Originals: Deadlands

East Texas University Kickstarter

Brandon Gensemer

Gamer's Tavern Game Table

Twitch Channel

What We've Been Playing Lately

Shadowrun 5th Edition (Brandon)

Pathfinder (Brandon)

Darksouls 2 (Brandon)

Trials Fusion (Brandon)

Savage Worlds (Shane)

Weird Wars Rome (Shane)

Settlers of Catan (Darryl)

Arduin (Ross)

Champions Complete (Ross)

Star Trek Online (Ross) Echelon Division Fleet if you want to find him

The State of the Industry 2014


Forbes Game Reporting

Evil Hat Sales Figures

Pathfinder Release Schedule

CORRECTION: It is the Advanced Class Guide coming out at GenCon. The Advanced Race Guide came out a couple of years ago.

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

Star Wars Beginner’s Box controversy blog (by a former ENnie judge, and the comments have a current ENnie judge and a really good discussion that’s safe to read)

"What is Happening to Tabletop RPGs" from PAX Prime with Mike Mearls, Ryan Dancey, and others

Shaintar Justice and Life


Gamer's Tavern is licensed under a CC BY NC ND 4.0 license. Music for the Drive Thru RPG ad is "Tavern Brawl (Demo)" by Save or Die, Copyright 2013 used with permission. Music for the Spirit Store ad is “Inside” by b-Shake, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 International license. Music for One Degree of Separation is Copyright Nick Jaworski, used with permission

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There are more conventions than ever, and they’re getting bigger every year. Isn’t it time you go to a con? Tom Lommel, the man behind Bill Cavalier the Dungeon Bastard and Grady Elliot join us to talk about how to survive your first (or thirtieth) convention. Where should you stay? What do you need to bring? How do you meet up with people? Find out all the answers in this week’s Gamer’s Tavern!

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Audible - Make that travel time to the convention fly by with two free audio books!

One Degree of Separation with Nick Jaworski - A new podcast about real people from Gamer's Tavern editor Nick Jaworski

Animation Celebration Galveston - This July 4-6 in Galveston, TX, meet Ross and Darryl in person, along with Gamer’s Tavern guests Robert J Schwalb, Ivan Van Norman, Darrell Hardy, and many more!

Our Guests

Grady Elliot


Blackwyrm Publishing

Tom Lommel

Bill Cavalier, Dungeon Bastard

Dungeon Bastard YouTube Channel

Dungeon Bastard on Twitter

Dungeon Bastard on Facebook

Fear of Girls

Convention Survival Guide


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Uber (Ridesharing)

AirBnB (Room rental)

Cons We're Attending

Comicpalooza in Houston, TX, May 23-26 (Ross and Darryl)

Berserkon in Duluth, MN, June 6-8 (Tom as Bill Cavalier, Dungeon Bastard)

Animation Celebration in Galveston, TX, July 4-6 (Ross and Darryl)

GenCon in Indianapolis, IN, August 14-17 (Everyone)

Game Hole Con in Madison, WI, November 7-9 (Tom as Bill Cavalier, Dungeon Bastard)

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Say any of these races, classes, clans, builds, backgrounds, or archetypes online and you will be deluged with hate. Why is it everyone thinks bards suck, or Kender are too annoying to let live? And is it possible to redeem these characters?

Colorado Area Gamers! There is an awesome charity event happening this weekend! Gamers Giving is hosting Spring Giving on May 10 at Total Escape Games in Bloomfield, CO! All proceeds will go to Home Front Cares, benefiting soldiers in need and their families.


Outbreak: Deep Space Kickstarter The new sci-fi zombie survival RPG from Ivan Van Norman

One Degree of Separation Discovering the human condition, one interview at a time

Drive Thru RPG The #1 RPG download store with the largest selection of games anywhere

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Brandon Gensemer

Malifaux: Through the Breach

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Roleplay DNA

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Gamers Giving


Rocky Mountain Savages


What We've Been Playing

D&D Next (Darryl)

2048 (Darryl)

Savage Worlds (Justin)

Deadlands (Justin)

Interface Zero 2.0 (Justin)

Titanfall (Justin)

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 (Brandon)

Pathfinder (Brandon)

Shadowrun Returns (Brandon)

Shadowrun 4th Edition (Ross & Brandon)

Champions (Ross)

Accursed (Ross)

Blood Bowl (Ross)

Character Types We Love to Hate

Here's the list we discuss on the show:

Angry Loner











Counter Monkey: All Jedi or No Jedi

Counter Monkey: Jedi Hunter

Order of the Stick

Wheaton's Law

Ross and Darryl are both attending the following conventions:

Comicpalooza in Houston, TX, from May 23-26, 2014

Animation Celebration Galveston in Galveston, TX, from July 4-6, 2014

GenCon in Indianapolis, IN, from August 14-17

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Everyone can rattle all nine off the top of their heads. But what do each of the alignments actually mean? Ross and Darryl can't agree, so how can the gaming community? And do we even need alignments anymore? In this episode, your hosts Ross Watson and Darryl Mott Jr. go it alone as they discuss one of the biggest flamewar igniting topics in gaming - Alignment!

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Ross Watson

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Darryl Mott Jr.

Ain't It Cool News

Gamer's Tavern Episode Zero (my apologies for the shitty audio quality)

 What We’ve Been Playing

Shadowrun 4th Edition (Darryl and Ross)

Blood Bowl Video Game (Ross)

Arduin Grimoir (Ross)

Accursed (Ross)

Savage Worlds (Ross)

Champions (Ross)

Cards Against Humanity (Darryl)

Tavern Tales

Shadowrun 3rd Edition

Counter Monkey – The Squirtgun Wars



2014-04-23-20140423Image Copyright Brian Patterson, used with permission


D&D White Box

Advanced D&D 1st Edition

ALIGNMENT-CHART1Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition

Vampire: The Masquerade

Star Wars (West End Games)

Star Wars (Wizards of the Coast)

Mouse Guard

Marvel Superheroes

Gamer's Tavern Episode 23: Super Hero Games, or FASERIP is SFW


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


Gamer's Tavern Episode 20: Forgotten Realms, or Thay Was Cool Until I Blew It Up

Alignment story from 7chan/Reddit


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The forgotten campaign setting of D&D, as Ross likes to call it. The original creator of Birthright, Richard Baker, joins us to talk about the setting that just might have inspired Game of Thrones. You are a king, lord of your land with the divine right to rule - literally, you have divine energy that fuels your bloodline. This is Ross's favorite campaign setting and, after recording and listening to the episode, Darryl is pretty intrigued as well. So sit back while we tell you all about why you should remember Birthright.


Drive Thru RPG, your source for digital copies of your favorite games

Spirit Store, the year-round costume and decor store

Richard Baker

Sasquatch Game Studios

Atomic Dragon Battleship (Rich’s blog)

Accursed Adventure: Banshee of Loch Finnere


What We’ve Been Playing

RPG Geek of the Week link to Ross’s week


Central Casting Heroes of Legend





Ed Stark (Ross's interview with him)

Colin McComb

Birthright Campaign Setting (Now available for purchase)

The Falcon and the Wolf

Gamer’s Tavern Episode 16: Worldbuilding

Shadow World

30 Years of Adventure

Blood Enemies

Gorgon’s Alliance video game


Cities of the Sun

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Tony Szczudlo

Birthright on DnDClassics

Birthright on Amazon Marketplace

Song of Ice and Fire Roleplay

Hodor's Guide to Hodoring

Kingmaker Adventure Path

Note: Due to a technical issue (my mixer is eating XLR cables), there's no closing to this episode. This episode is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives 4.0 license. Music for the Drive Thru RPG ad is "Tavern Brawl (Demo)" by Save or Die, Copyright 2013, all rights reserved, used with permission. Music for the Spirit Store ad is "Inside" by b-Shake, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 International license.

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You're interested in role playing games, but not sure where to get started? Ivan Van Norman and Mark Carroll join us to help you find a group, pick a first game, and introduce gaming to your friends. We also give many tips for starting gamers!

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Accursed - The dark fantasy Savage Worlds setting where you play the monsters!

Drive Thru RPG - Your source for digital copies of your favorite games

Ivan Van Norman

King of the Nerds

Outbreak Undead

Saving Throw

Outbreak Deep Space



Mark Carroll

D3 Adventures

Seventh Sea

World’s Largest Dungeon

Infinite Dungeon


What We’ve Been Playing

FATE Core (Mark)

TORG under Savage Worlds (Mark, Ross)

Pathfinder (Ross, Ivan)

Champions (Ross)

Shadowrun 4th Edition (Ross, Darryl)

Dark Heresy (Ivan)


Getting Started in Gaming

Before we get into the breakdown of the episode, I wanted to give you a quick shopping list.

Pathfinder Beginner's Box - The single greatest tool for new players. The box has everything you need right away to not only start playing, but keep playing for several sessions before you even need to think about upgrading to the Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Drive Thru RPG Quickstarts - Free PDF downloads of some of the most popular roleplaying games on the market meant specifically to introduce new players to the game.

Pound of Dice - This product is one of my favorite recommendations for groups looking to get their own dice cheaply. You'll only get one matched set and some of the dice may be odd (even for RPG dice), but there's no cheaper way to make sure there's plenty of dice for the entire group.

Now with that out of the way, here's links to the things we mentioned on the show.

Community “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”

Community “Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”

Big Bang Theory "The Santa Simulation"

Big Bang Theory "The Love Spell Potential"

The IT Crowd "Gen the Fredo"

Freaks and Geeks Complete Series (Sorry, there wasn't a legal streaming option for the episode "Discos and Dragons")

Ross’s Blog Post on Being a Good Player

RPGNet Gaming Gatherins

ENWorld Gamers Seeking Gamers

Giants in the Playground Finding Players


World of Darkness

Dungeons & Dragons


On Mighty Thews

FATE Accelerated


13th Age

Pathfinder Beginner’s Box


Outbreak Undead


D&D Encounters

Pathfinder Society

Edge of the Empire

Savage Worlds

Dungeon World


Free RPG Day

Drive Thru RPG Free Downloads


Super Dungeon Explore

Roll 20


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Crowdfunding is the great equalizer of our time. How can you back projects without getting burned? How do you launch your own project and make sure it's successful? Guests Jamey Stegmaier and Mack Martin join us to discuss crowdfunding and gaming. The tips to make your Kickstarter stand out from the crowd, how to tell the flops from the potential goldmines, and more on this episode of the Gamer's Tavern.

Jamey Stegmaier

Tuscany Expansion Kickstarter (ENDING SOON!! Back now!!)

Stonemaier Games



Mack Martin


Black Wyrm Publishing


Through the Breach

What We’ve Been Playing Lately

Kemet (Jamey)

Shadowrun 4th Edition (Ross, Darryl)

AD&D 2nd Edition (Darryl’s Friend)

TORG using Savage Worlds rules (Ross)

Champions (Ross)


Cracked: 5 Crucial Rules of Every Game (Not Found in Any Rulebook)




Indie Go Go

Go Fund Me

Ross Watson and Sean Patrick Fannon have a Go Fund Me up right now to relocate to Denver!


Tuscany Expansion Kickstarter


Malifaux: Through the Breach

CORRECTION: The Doom that Came to Atlantic City was rescued by Cryptozoic, NOT Cool Mini or Not.

The Forking Path and Doom that Came to Atlantic City

Far West Adventure Game


Ross Watson and Darryl Mott Jr. will be attending Comicpalooza on May 23-26 in Houston, TX.


Music from the Drive Thru RPG ad is "Tavern Brawl (Demo)" by Save or Die, Copyright 2013 all rights reserved. Music from the Accursed ad is "

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Episode 23: Super Hero Games, or FASERIP is SFW

Bum-ba-BAAAAH! Bumbumbumbumbum-ba-BAAAAH! This week, we talk about Super Hero games. Licensed from Marvel, DC, or independent publishers or game systems that created their own universe. What games are out there to sate your Silver Age or Modern Era lust? How do super-hero games differ from normal RPGs? Tune in to find out more.

Note: This episode was originally recorded February 25, 2014. We spoke at length during several points about game designer and author Aaron Allston. Two days later on February 27, Aaron collapsed at a convention and passed away. I don't need to say what an influence Mr. Allston was to the gaming community, because we say it many times on this episode. This episode is dedicated to his memory.


Spirit Store, your source for costumes for this convention season.

Animation Celebration, this July 4th weekend in Galveston, TX

Our Guests

Steve Kenson

Steve Kenson’s website

Facebook Page


Scott Bennie


Amazon Page

Atlas of Earth Prime

What We've Been Playing Lately

Pathfinder (Scott)

Pulp Hero (Scott)

Champions Online (Scott)

Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle – D&D Next (Steve)

Icons (Steve)

Shadowrun (Steve, Ross, Darryl)

AD&D 2nd Edition (Darryl’s Friend)

Dungeonmaster’s Design Kit

Superhero Games


HERO System

Villainy Amok


Dark Champions

Villains and Vigilantes

Scott Stigler


Wild Cards

Marvel Super Heroes Game (FASERIP)

The Ultimate Powers Book


Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game (SAGA)

The Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game

Marvel Heroic Roleplay

DC Heroes

DC Heroes Watchman Sourcebook

Blood of Heroes

DC Universe (West End Games)

DC Adventures (Green Ronin)


Mutants & Masterminds

Powers for Good

Heroes Unlimited (Palladium)

Century Station

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness

Judge Dredd (Traveller)

Judge Dredd (Mongoose)


Freedom City




Brave New World



GURPS International Super Teams





The Foundation

Heroes Forever

Superhero 2044

With Great Power

Wild Talents



Necessary Evil


Silver Age Sentinels

The Authority

Double Cross


Darryl will be at Comicpalooza in Houston, TX, from May 23-26, 2014. Both Darryl and Ross will be at Animation Celebration in Galveston, TX, from July 4-6, 2014, and at GenCon from August 14-18, 2014.

Music for the Spirit Store ad is “Insane” by b-Shake, licensed under CC BY SA 3.0 International. Music for the Animation Celebration Galveston ad is “Undead Blues” by Unknown Henson, Copyright 2010, all rights reserved, used with permission.
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Episode 24: Creating Interesting PCs, or Blue Glow of Player-Characterhood

What makes a character fun to play? We go over all the tricks to make your PCs more interesting, dynamic, and fun. Award winning author Elizabeth Bear and award winning Writer/Producer/Actress Joanna Gaskell join award willing game designer Ross Watson and...just Darryl Mott Jr. to discuss how to create player characters that not only make the game more fun for you, but also for the other players and gamemaster.


Special Announcement: Ross Watson along with friends of the show Sean Patrick Fannon and Carinn Seabolt have started a Go Fund Me campaign to relocate to Denver, CO! Support them at this link to get some amazing gaming rewards!


Our Sponsors

Drive Thru RPG, your source for all your digital gaming needs

Animation Celebration. Come join the fun from March 28-30, 2014, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area


Our Guests

Joanna Gaskell

Standard Action

Starlit Citadel

Joanna’s website


Elizabeth Bear

Elizabeth’s Website

Matociquala Tumblr

Amazon Author Page

The Eternal Sky Trilogy: Steles of the Sky

Shadow Unit

Zombies Run


What We’ve Been Playing

Pathfinder (Joanna, Elizabeth)

Dungeon World (Joanna)

FATE (Joanna)

Torchbearer (Joanna)

Fiasco (Joanna)

Call of Cthulhu (Elizabeth)

Shadowrun (Darryl, Ross)

Torg (Ross)


Our Topic: Player Characters

Amber Diceless

Shadowrun 20 Questions (Reproduced on Dumpshock)

Darryl’s Shadowrun Character Backstory

Central Casting: Heroes of Legend

Burning Wheel




West End Games Star Wars

Rogue Trader


Cortex System

Call of Cthulhu

Fantasy Hero

Iron Kingdoms

Gamer’s Tavern: Edition Wars Are Bullshit

The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon

TV Tropes

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What does it mean to be human when you can replace your body with cybernetic implants? Does your soul survive if you upload your consciousness into a computer? Cyberpunk and transhumanist games ask these questions. From William Gibson's Neuromancer to Warren Ellis's Transmetropolitan, from Ghost in the Shell to Almost Human, we have always been fascinated by the implications of an increasingly digitized world. Adam Jury and Michael Surbrook join us to discuss the roleplaying games that examine humanity in a near-future dystopia of technology dominated society with noodle stands on every corner.

Our sponsors for this episode...

Spirit Store, your one stop for all your costume and decor needs year-round.

Animation Celebration, from March 28-30, 2014, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area

Our Guests

Michael Surbrook

HERO System


BlackWyrm Publishing

Surbrook Stuff

Ghost, Ghouls, and Golems (No official site yet)

Larger Than Life: Adventures in American Folklore


Adam Jury

Eclipse Phase

Putting his money where his mouth is on the podcast, Adam has given Gamer's Tavern permission to post the full core rulebook for Eclipse Phase right here!

A Time of Eclipse, the new ebook setting guide to Eclipse Phase (launched after the recording)

Shinobi Clans

Classic BattleTech


Guardians of Order

Adam Jury's website

Eclipse Phase: Transhuman


What We’ve Been Playing

Shadowrun 4th Ed (Darryl, Ross)

AD&D 2nd Ed (Darryl’s Friend)

Ross’s Blog on Genghis Con

HERO System (Mike, Ross)

Accursed (Ross)

The Widening Gyre (Ross)

Magic: The Gathering (Adam)

Cyberpunk, Post-Cyberpunk, and Transhumanism


Kazei 5


Snow Crash

Diamond Age



Neon Umbrella

Bubblegum Crisis

Ghost in the Shell

Megazone 23


Image from XKCD, used under CC BY NC 2.5

Cyberpunk 2020


Chicago Archology


Eclipse Phase

Creative Commons

Kazai 5

Listen Up You Primative Screwheads (Great book for GMs regardless of system or genre)

Cyberpunk 3.0


Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer (Not mentioned on the podcast but OMFG AWESOME!!!!!11)

GURPS Cyberpunk

Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling

Steve Jackson Games vs United States

Hacker Manifesto

Electronic Frontier Foundation (This is a charity I personally support)


Gamer's Tavern: Gaming and Film

Ex Machina

D20 Future

D20 Cyberscape

SLA Industries


Alpha Omega


Nova Praxis

Interface Zero

Mutant Chronicles


Warhammer 40K Roleplay



Blue Planet

Feng Shui

Android: Netrunner

Cyberpunk 2020 CCG by Social Games

Shadowrun CCG

Always Never Now


Farcast by Bobby Derie

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We go way off the deep end this episode as we discuss using graphic violence and other mature content in gaming. How do you know where the line is? How do you keep from crossing it?

WARNING: This episode is about the topic of Graphic Content. This episode contains descriptions of violence, gore, and torture. If these subjects upset or offend you, please do not listen to this episode of Gamer's Tavern. This episode is for mature audiences only.

Our Sponsors

Animation Celebration: From March 28-30 in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, with guest Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman!

Animation Celebration Galveston: From July 4-6 in Galveston, TX, with guest Robert J. Schwalb, designer on Dungeons & Dragons, and Billy West, the voice of Fry from Futurama!


Bill Keyes


The Widening Gyre

Robert J. Schwalb




Dungeons & Dragons Next

What We've Been Playing

Darryl and Ross: Shadowrun 4th Edition

Rob: Dungeons & Dragons Next

Bill and Ross: Champions

Tavern Tales

Rob: Dungeons & Dragons Next

Bill: Star Wars (D6 West End Games)

Our Topic: Graphic Content

Warhammer 40K Roleplay


Middle Earth Roleplay


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness

Call of Cthulhu


Cyberpunk 2020

Mage: The Ascension


Love & Sex in the Ninth World

Sisters of Rapture

Book of Erotic Fantasy

Book of Vile Darkness

Freak Legion

Black Dog Game Factory


Theocracy of Canceri


Counter Monkey - Thieves' World

Aaron Allston Strike Force

Dead Heat

Takashi Miike

Fudoh: The New Generation

Gamer's Tavern episodes referenced

Dungeons & Dragons Part One: Edition Wars Are Bullshit

Dungeons & Dragons Edition Wars Part 2: Weeaboo Fightan Magic

Music for Animation Celebration: "Undead Blues" by Unknown Hinson, copyright 2010, used with permission.

Music for Gamer's Tavern Contest: "Time Goes By" by Melodic in Fusion, used on CC BY 3.0 license

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In the first of our series on campaign settings, we talk with author Richard Lee Byers on Faerun and the Forgotten Realms. Join us at the table in the corner as we talk about all the different aspects of the setting and why it's one of the most popular campaign settings ever written.

Don't forget to enter our contest, running until March 10!


This Episode of Gamer's Tavern brought to you by:

Audible, the #1 source of audio books on the internet

Accused, the Dark Fantasy RPG from Melior Via


Our Guest: Richard Lee Byers

Amazon Page

Forgotten Realms The Reaver: The Sundering Book IV

The Vestival at Glenelg (Accursed Novella)

Airlock Alpha



What We’re Playing

Darryl – Shadowrun 4th Ed, Game Table

Richard – Carrion Crown, Elder Sign, Hex Hex

Ross – Accursed


Tonight's Topic: Forgotten Realms

Sean Patrick Fannon’s Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer's Bible

Volo’s Guides

Ed Greenwood




The Harpers

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero (WARNING: TV Tropes Link!)

Forgotten Realms Comic Book

Baldur's Gate

Neverwinter Nights

Homeland by R.A. Salvatore

Dissolution: War of the Spider Queen Book I by Richard Lee Byers


Time of Troubles



Bloodstone Lands

Under Illefarn

Haunted Halls of Eveningstar

D&D Encounters

Lords of Waterdeep

The Gamer’s Tavern podcast is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. “Time Goes By” by Melodic in Fusion and “Artemis” by Aesma Dava are licensed under a CC BY-SA 3.0 and 2.5 license, respectively. “Tavern Brawl (Demo)” by Save or Die Copyright 2013, all rights reserved, used with permission.
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Episode 19: Romance and Gaming, or Critical Hit on my Heart

Are you worried about gaming with your romantic partner? Or maybe you're looking for that special gamer out there for you? Or hae you found The One, but they're not into gaming? This special Valentine's Day edition of Gamer's Tavern addresses all your concerns about real-life relationships and tabletop gaming! Carrinn Seabolt, Bruce Cordell, and Torah Cottrill join us to talk about relationships.

Note: We were originally going to have Sean Patrick Fannon on this episode as well, but he was too busy to be on our show this week. I'd be upset, except that he was assisting the absolutely amazing charity Doctors Without Borders, and when one of your guests wants to help cure fucking diseases, you let him slide on bailing last minute on your podcast. Go check them out and, if you're able, please donate to the charity that is saving lives around the world.

And don't forget our contest! We're giving away an iPod Shuffle loaded with Gamer's Tavern episodes, plus a crapload of games!

Listen to the episode to find out how to enter!

This episode is sponsored by Accursed and Audible

Our Guests

Carinn Seabolt

Shaintar Campaign Setting

Drive Thru RPG

Facebook Page (account required)

Shaintar Official Website

Torah Cottrill

By Faerie Light

The Awakened

Bruce Cordell

The Strange

Numenara Bestiary

Monte Cook Games Store

Dungeons & Dragons


What We’ve Been Playing

Borderlands 2 (Torah and Bruce)

Sentinals of the Multiverse (Carrinn)

Accursed (Ross)


Show Notes

Episode 8: Gaming with the Family and Gateway Games

Man Cold (starring Nick Frost)

Terry Brooks's Shannara headed to TV

Geek Nation Tours

Mutants & Masterminds

Fat Dragon


Direct download: GamersTavernEp019.mp3
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BattleTech. Robotech. Rifts. Mekton. Giant robots beating the crap out of other giant robots. Is that ever not awesome? Jason Marker (Robotech RPG, Warhammer 40K Roleplay, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire) joins us to talk about our favorite giant stompy robot games and how to run them.


Drive Thru RPG



Jason Marker


Detroit Party Marching Band


What We’ve Been Playing



Fallout: New Vegas

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire


Giant Robot Games




Jovian Chronicles                       

Heavy Gear

Solaris VII

Gear Krieg

Dust Warfare


Alpha Strike

Mekton Zeta


Mecha TV Shows

Super Robot Wars

Robotech Complete Series

Carrier (PBS Documentary Series)

Gundam 08th MS Team

Gundam Wing


Direct download: GamersTavernEp018.mp3
Category:Gamer's Tavern -- posted at: 1:39pm EDT

This week, Ross Watson and Darryl Mott Jr. honor the best in gaming for 2013. From board games to roleplaying games, from accessories to media, we give our picks for what we feel are the best of the year past. We chose our winners based on our own personal, subjective opinions and then give our reasons. Was there a game we left off? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Best Board Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (Darryl)

Best Game Expansion

Champions Complete (Ross)

Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport (Darryl)

Best Miniature Product

BattleTech: Alpha Strike (Ross)

Dwarven Forge Game Tiles (Darryl)

Best Party Game

ROFL! (Darryl)

Best Gaming Website

Obsidian Portal (Ross)

Drive Thru RPG (Darryl)

Best RPG Supplement

Pathfinder Bestiary 4 (Darryl)

Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign (Ross)

Best Rules System

13th Age (Ross)

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (Darryl)

Best RPG Campaign Setting

Shaintar (Ross)

Accursed (Darryl)

Best Gaming Accessory Product

Gygax Magazine (Ross)

Pathfinder Bestiary Box 2 (Darryl)

Best Non-Game Gaming Related Product

Okay, we explain this one on the podcast, but this category is for something that is directly related to gaming, but is not a game product in and of itself.

Order of the Stick (Ross)

Zero Charisma (Darryl)

Lifetime Achievement Award

Knights of the Dinner Table

The KotDT Live Action Kickstarter is still going until February 5, 2014 so GO GO GO!!

Gamer's Tavern Game of the Year

Runner Up (Ross): 13th Age

Runner Up (Darryl): Dead Panic

Honorable Mention: Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition


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What makes a villain? What separates them from just another antagonists and pushes them into iconic if not mythic status? Chris Avelllone, designer of some of the greatest villains of gaming history whether digital or analog, joins us to discuss what makes a villain and how to use the Big Bad Evil Guy in your game.

Note: This was originally scheduled to be Ep. 16 of the podcast but, due to audio issues,the schedule was slightly changed.

Our Sponsors: Accursed, a dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds, and Drive Thru RPG, your best source for digital gaming books

Chris Avellone

Legend of Grimrock Kickstarter

Cards Against Humanity (currently reprinting, do not pay more than $25 for the core set)


HERO System



Underworld Enemies

Dark Champions

Knights of the Old Republic 2

Darth Nihilus

Darth Sion

Spoony's Darth Vader story WARNING: He rambles more than Darryl does, but he's better than I am!

Mara Jade

Xanatos Gambit WARNING: TVTropes Link!

Direct download: GamersTavernEp015.mp3
Category:Gamer's Tavern -- posted at: 2:14am EDT

In our most controversial episode to date, Ross and Darryl discuss the second half of D&D's history, the Wizards of the Coast/Paizo era. And yes, there are arguments a plenty. However, both the host and owner of the Gamer's Tavern manage to discuss the single most contentious point in gaming for an hour and a half without coming to blows. So that just re-iterates our point, which is edition wars are bullshit! But we hope that you enjoy our exploration of the modern history of the father of all roleplaying games on its 40th anniversary, Dungeons & Dragons!

Our Sponsor: Accused, the dark fantasy campaign setting from Savage Worlds designed by Ross Watson from Melior Via, available now in PDF and Print from Drive Thru RPG

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition

Order of the Stick

Open Gaming License

System Reference Document (3.5)

Book of Nine Swords aka Book of Weeaboo Fightan Magic

Linear Fighters, Quadratic Wizards

Jim Butcher interview

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition

Interview with Bruce Cordell and Robert J. Schwalb

Interview with Ari Marmell

Unfortunately, I could not find the blog post from Robert J. Schwalb. If you have a link, please post it in the comments

Fifteen Minute Workday



Sweatpea Entertainment legal dispute

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Want to have your cake and eat it too? Welcome to the world of generic or "kitchen sink" roleplaying games. Ivan Van Norman joins us to discuss all the systems that act as a catch-all for your gaming experience, whether it's the open world full of white space to explore or the system or setting that allows you to throw every genre into a blender and hit frappe. So sit back and join us at the Gamer's Tavern as we discuss generic, universal, "kitchen sink" systems.

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Our Guest

Ivan’s Twitter

Outbreak Undead

King of the Nerds

Hunters Books

YouTube Channel

Ivan van Norman's Geek & Sundry VLog


What We’ve Been Playing

Marvel Super Heroess Roleplaying from TSR



Temple of Elemental Evil


Kitchen Sink Games





The Strange




Savage Worlds


World of Darkness


Stargate SG1



Kazei 5


Bobby Derie's Farcast

Space City Con



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Is your New Years resolution to change careers into the gaming industry? Do you want to work with the big boys or be your own boss as a freelancer? Guests Sam Stewart and Sean Patrick Fannon join us to talk about how to break into the gaming business.

If you go to the Gamer's Tavern website the weekend after this episode posts, I'll have a blog post up with multiple links to

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Ross's amazing dark fantasy setting, Accursed, is finally available! Click here to purchase it right now!

Darryl will be at Space City Con in Galveston, TX, on January 3-5, 2014 with a special surprise for Gamer's Tavern listeners!

Ross will be at ChupacabraCon in Austin, TX, on January 17-19, 2014 and at GenghisCon in Aurora, CO, February 13-16, 2014.

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Dungeons & Dragons is the reason we're in this hobby. Everyone plays it. But how much do you know about where it came from? Ross Watson and Darryl Mott Jr. are flying solo as they talk about the history of the most popular roleplaying game on the planet, its origins, and the entire TSR era.

Designers and Dragons by Shannon Applecline

The far less expensive Wikipedia article on D&D

D&D White Box Collector’s Set

B1: Into the Unknown

B2: Keep on the Borderlands

GDQ Adventure Path

Rules Cyclopedia

Ross's Blog on Birthright

Darryl will be at Space City Con January 2-4 in Galveston, TX

Ross will be at ChupacabraCon January 17-19 in Austin, TX

Ross will also be at Genghis Con February 13-16 in Aurora, CO

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This episode of the Gamer’s Tavern is devoted to examining the link between gaming and film. Film has influenced tabletop gaming over the years and, more recently, gaming has started to influence films as the kids playing the Red Box grew up to be writers, actors, and directors. This week’s show notes are going to be a little odd as there aren’t going to be very many links. We talked about a lot of films during the podcast and, while I’ve listed them all below, I’m not sure whether you watch films through Netflix, Amazon Prime, DVDs, or if you choose some othARRRRR method of getting your media. So I’ll list the film titles for you to search, but there are some interesting notes you may want to look at when it comes to some of these films.

Mack Martin

Wyrd Games


Ain’t It Cool News

Little Wars by HG Wells (not Jules Verne)

Zero Charisma

The Gamers

Life with the Dice Bag


The Dungeon Masters

Robot Jox

Battletech's Legal Battles and the Unseen

BattleTech Alpha Strike

Conan the Barbarian

Fright Night

The Crow

Mortal Kombat




Hawk the Slayer




Dark Crystal

Heavy Metal


Sword and the Sorcerer

Sword in the Stone

Barb Wire

Johnny Mneumonic

Tank Girl


Escape from New York


Almost Human

The Matrix


Game of Thrones


Usual Suspects

The Big Hit

Star Wars

Ghost in the Shell


Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Babylon 5


Wing Commander

Starship Troopers

Die Hard

Akira Kurasawa

Pitch Black




ET: The Extra Terrestrial

Lord of the Rings



Star Trek “Balance of Power”

Star Trek: Wrath of Khan

Real Steel

Dungeons & Dragons cartoon

Game of Thrones


Record of Lodoss War


Clash of the Titans

Seven Voyages of Sinbad

Jason and the Argonauts


White Wolf Lawsuit


American Werewolf in London


Let the Right One In

Near Dark


Innocent Blood


Role Models

Knights of Badassdom

List of Celebrity D&D Players

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Running a roleplaying game can be difficult. How can you make it easier on yourself while adding more epic to your games? That's exactly what Keith Baker, designer of Eberron and Gloom, joins us to discuss! Worldbuilding, adventure design, NPCs, you name it, we cover it in the longest and most packed episode of Gamer's Tavern yet!

Keith Baker's blog






Jim Butcher on Characters

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Spending the holidays with the family? Got some non-gamer friends you want to hook on roleplaying? Episode 8 of the Gamer’s Tavern has you covered as our guest Nicole Wakelin, aka Total Fangirl, joins us to examine how gaming with the family is a bonding experience, what games work best to play during the holidays, and how to get your non-gamer friends hooked on roleplaying games.

Below we have listed all of the games we talked about on the show and, for the board games, we give our ratings of the content based on art and text depictions of violence or sex as well as the tone, so you know which ones to keep away from the kids. We didn't rate the roleplaying games this way because it depends more on the adventure and the players involved.

G: There's nothing that anyone could possibly find objectionable in this game.

PG: There may be some violence, dangerous situations, or something else that the easily offended or very young may not want to be exposed to.

PG-13: Either non-detailed violence is one of the core mechanics of this game, the theme is horror-based with little gore, or the art and tone of the game are more dark and/or realistic. You should be okay playing these games around kids, but I might not want very young children to join in on playing them. Some material may offend.

R: Strong language, realistic depictions of violence possibly with gore, and possible non-sexual nudity. Don't play with the kids in earshot.

NC-17: Even I get uncomfortable playing these games sometimes. Strong language, adult content, violence, gore, and other things I wouldn't even want to expose teenagers to. Adults only!

Total Fangirl

The D6 Generation podcast

Zombie Dice (PG)

Dead Panic (PG-13)


Savage Worlds


Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Ultimate Werewolf (PG)

Cards Against Humanity (NC-17)

Castle Panic (PG)

Ticket to Ride (G)

Last Night on Earth (PG-13)

Tsuro (G)

Survive Escape from Atlantis (PG)

The Resistance (PG to PG-13)

Red Dragon Inn (PG-13)

Gloom (PG-13)

Alhambra (G)

Aye Dark Overlord (PG)

Super Dungeon Explore (PG)

Descent: Journeys in the Dark (PG-13)

Munchkin (PG to PG-13, depending on genre)

Fiasco (PG-13 to NC-17, depending on playset)

Pandemic (PG but heavy)

FATE Core System

TORG Introductory Pack

Faery's Tale

Mouse Guard

Choose Your Own Adventure

BattleTech: Classic BattleTech RPG

D&D Basic Red Box

Pathfinder Beginner’s Box Set

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

Feng Shui

Champions Complete (HERO System)

Zero Charisma

The Gamers

Standard Action

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We finally get the Shadowrun out of our systems as we're joined by John Dunn and Russell Zimmerman to talk about my personal favorite RPG of all time, Shadowrun! If you've never played the game before, you'll want to check out the primer I recorded on the Shadowrun system and its history so you can follow along. Other than that, all I have to say chummers is shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never ever cut a deal with a dragon!

Melior Via Games

Satellite Games Kickstarter (It's over, but you can still pledge)

Shadowrun Official Website

Dumpshock, the unofficial Shadowrun forums

Shadowrun games at Drive Thru RPG

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Tomorrow's episode is about my favorite roleplaying game on the planet, Shadowrun. Because I'm such a big fan and both our guests, John Dunn and Russell Zimmerman, as well as Ross himself have all worked on the Shadowrun line at some point, I felt it was necessary to record a sort of primer for Shadowrun. This should get you up to speed so you can follow along on Episode 7. If you'd like to know more about the history of the Sixth World check out the Neo-Anarchist Podcast by Opti.You can also get Quick Start rules for Shadowrun Third Edition, Shadowrun Fourth Edition, and Shadowrun Fifth Edition. Music is by Unununium, licensed under Creative Commons by-nc-sa.

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Modern technology is changing the gaming world one app and social media page at a time. Jesse Scoble (designer on Silver Age Sentinels and A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying) joins us to discuss how our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and the internet are all changing the industry and our gaming table. The Gods of the Digital Age tried to stop this episode from reaching your ears, causing a few audio issues, but we managed to wrest the recording from their grasp and get it to you! Welcome to the Gamer's Tavern.

Jesse Scoble

Wizard 101

Silver Age Sentinels


City of Heroes

Big Eyes, Small Mouth

Amber Diceless

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow

Jolly Blackburn’s con set-up


Chessex Pound of Dice

Eclipse Phase

Adam Jury's blog post about Creative Commons, Piracy, and it's benefit to Eclipse Phase

Golem Arcana

Lords of Waterdeep App Announcement

Magic: The Gathering Online

Mechwarrior Tactics


Glory to Rome Kickstarter causes creator Ed Carter to lose his house

Drive Thru RPG

Dork Tower Kickstarter 2

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