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This time, Ross and Darryl talk about the films making up the current DC Expanded Universe aka the Snyderverse aka the Murderverse, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Spoiler Alert: If you've only seen Man of Steel, we don't get into BvS spoilers until about the 45 minute mark so you're safe to listen up to that point. After that, we have spoilers for that film plus the comic series The Dark Knight Returns and A Killing Joke.

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The DC Expanded Universe Films

Man of Steel

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Suicide Squad (see below)

Wonder Woman

SF Debris history of Marvel Comics

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles Forever

Hollywood Accounting (Seriously, everyone who is remotely a fan of film should read up on this topic as it explains a LOT)

Suicide Squad Trailer 1




Suicide Squad Trailer 3






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Legendary game designer Mike Pondsmith joins us to talk about his illustrious career in the gaming industry, from Mekton to Cyberpunk to Teenagers from Outer Space and far, far more and how Mike managed to hit every major pop culture trend before it made it big. Mecha, cyberpunk, anime, steampunk, and more, Mike was there creating games just as the trend started.


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Our Guest

Mike Pondsmith

R Talsorian Games



Castle Falkenstein

Teenagers from Outer Space


Dragonball Z



What We’ve Been Playing Lately

Here Kitty Kitty (Darryl)

Pathfinder (Mike)

Dungeons & Dragons 5e (Mike, Ross)

Mekton (Mike)

Amber (Mike)

Firefly (Mike)

Out of the Abyss (Ross)

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (Ross)


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