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How does live action roleplaying differ from tabletop roleplaying? What different kinds of LARPs are there? We've got a huge panel of guests to talk about just that and to give you valuable tips to start LARPing or run your own event!

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Have an amazing idea that's too niche or too original to make it through the gatekeepers at the publishers? Whether it's a game, a novel, or something else: Publish it yourself! Learn how to do just that, the strengths and challenges of self-publishing, and how to get your product to the public.


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Chainmail bikinis, cosplayer harassment, lack of female protagonists, and more. Gaming culture has many issues regarding sexism and in Part One of our episode on Sexism, Feminism, and Gaming; we identify the problem areas that make women feel excluded, marginalized, uncomfortable, or even fearful.

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Starlit Citadel Red Dragon Inn Playthrough

Sexism and Gaming

Ubisoft Says Women Are Too Hard for Assassins Creed

Nintendo and Gay Relationships

Exalted Camel Toe (Savant and Sorcerers)

Realistic Female Armor

GenCon Offensive Booth (Trigger Warnings)

On Mighty Thews post on artwork


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Cracked on the Men’s Rights Movement

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Dickwolves Comic (Trigger Warning) 

Timeline of the Incident 

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MRA Shooting

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