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Spending the holidays with the family? Got some non-gamer friends you want to hook on roleplaying? Episode 8 of the Gamer’s Tavern has you covered as our guest Nicole Wakelin, aka Total Fangirl, joins us to examine how gaming with the family is a bonding experience, what games work best to play during the holidays, and how to get your non-gamer friends hooked on roleplaying games.

Below we have listed all of the games we talked about on the show and, for the board games, we give our ratings of the content based on art and text depictions of violence or sex as well as the tone, so you know which ones to keep away from the kids. We didn't rate the roleplaying games this way because it depends more on the adventure and the players involved.

G: There's nothing that anyone could possibly find objectionable in this game.

PG: There may be some violence, dangerous situations, or something else that the easily offended or very young may not want to be exposed to.

PG-13: Either non-detailed violence is one of the core mechanics of this game, the theme is horror-based with little gore, or the art and tone of the game are more dark and/or realistic. You should be okay playing these games around kids, but I might not want very young children to join in on playing them. Some material may offend.

R: Strong language, realistic depictions of violence possibly with gore, and possible non-sexual nudity. Don't play with the kids in earshot.

NC-17: Even I get uncomfortable playing these games sometimes. Strong language, adult content, violence, gore, and other things I wouldn't even want to expose teenagers to. Adults only!

Total Fangirl

The D6 Generation podcast

Zombie Dice (PG)

Dead Panic (PG-13)


Savage Worlds


Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Ultimate Werewolf (PG)

Cards Against Humanity (NC-17)

Castle Panic (PG)

Ticket to Ride (G)

Last Night on Earth (PG-13)

Tsuro (G)

Survive Escape from Atlantis (PG)

The Resistance (PG to PG-13)

Red Dragon Inn (PG-13)

Gloom (PG-13)

Alhambra (G)

Aye Dark Overlord (PG)

Super Dungeon Explore (PG)

Descent: Journeys in the Dark (PG-13)

Munchkin (PG to PG-13, depending on genre)

Fiasco (PG-13 to NC-17, depending on playset)

Pandemic (PG but heavy)

FATE Core System

TORG Introductory Pack

Faery's Tale

Mouse Guard

Choose Your Own Adventure

BattleTech: Classic BattleTech RPG

D&D Basic Red Box

Pathfinder Beginner’s Box Set

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

Feng Shui

Champions Complete (HERO System)

Zero Charisma

The Gamers

Standard Action

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We finally get the Shadowrun out of our systems as we're joined by John Dunn and Russell Zimmerman to talk about my personal favorite RPG of all time, Shadowrun! If you've never played the game before, you'll want to check out the primer I recorded on the Shadowrun system and its history so you can follow along. Other than that, all I have to say chummers is shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never ever cut a deal with a dragon!

Melior Via Games

Satellite Games Kickstarter (It's over, but you can still pledge)

Shadowrun Official Website

Dumpshock, the unofficial Shadowrun forums

Shadowrun games at Drive Thru RPG

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Tomorrow's episode is about my favorite roleplaying game on the planet, Shadowrun. Because I'm such a big fan and both our guests, John Dunn and Russell Zimmerman, as well as Ross himself have all worked on the Shadowrun line at some point, I felt it was necessary to record a sort of primer for Shadowrun. This should get you up to speed so you can follow along on Episode 7. If you'd like to know more about the history of the Sixth World check out the Neo-Anarchist Podcast by Opti.You can also get Quick Start rules for Shadowrun Third Edition, Shadowrun Fourth Edition, and Shadowrun Fifth Edition. Music is by Unununium, licensed under Creative Commons by-nc-sa.

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Modern technology is changing the gaming world one app and social media page at a time. Jesse Scoble (designer on Silver Age Sentinels and A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying) joins us to discuss how our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and the internet are all changing the industry and our gaming table. The Gods of the Digital Age tried to stop this episode from reaching your ears, causing a few audio issues, but we managed to wrest the recording from their grasp and get it to you! Welcome to the Gamer's Tavern.

Jesse Scoble

Wizard 101

Silver Age Sentinels


City of Heroes

Big Eyes, Small Mouth

Amber Diceless

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow

Jolly Blackburn’s con set-up


Chessex Pound of Dice

Eclipse Phase

Adam Jury's blog post about Creative Commons, Piracy, and it's benefit to Eclipse Phase

Golem Arcana

Lords of Waterdeep App Announcement

Magic: The Gathering Online

Mechwarrior Tactics


Glory to Rome Kickstarter causes creator Ed Carter to lose his house

Drive Thru RPG

Dork Tower Kickstarter 2

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